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Sent: Friday, January 26, 2001 8:24 AM

> ultradns does this and has a great product.

Interesting to read the faq on UltraDNS's website:

> Q. I read that your service is supposed to make use of
several servers
> all over the world, but you only give people two server addresses to
> provide to their registrar. How do I make use of all the other
> servers?

> A. The two server addresses you supply your registrar when
you set up
> a domain on the Managed DNS Service system are actually 'virtual'
> addresses that will route to the best possible server on
our network,
> based on a number of factors. This highly intelligent
mechanism allows
> you to achieve full redundancy and reliability with only two name
> server addresses actually listed. In fact, if the registrar would
> allow you to do so, you could achieve the same level of reliability
> with only one name server address.

Or maybe there have been a few extensions to BGP which I haven't
learned about...:wink:

It's not BGP! see and for similar technology. As
well as a clue or two. You might also ask yourself the difference between
packet routing and query routing. While you're at it, better also ask how
those wizards make cluster load balancing work.

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