RE: Digital Bill of Rights

James, I feel it is important to
reply to your reasoned article with
an equal response. Mr. Fowler wrote:

        [Fowler, James] Bob, Yes you do have the right to e-mail
anyone you want. I can refuse e-mail from anyone I want. This is
the same for the US postal service. If I choose not to accept
e-mail from you, then you don't get a real say in the matter. The
RBL is a voluntary list. i.e. your network is used for Spam, one
can not get off of your Spam list, they document what they have
done, then add your address to the RBL. it is punishment for you
not respecting the rights and requests of others not to send Spam,
so we (RBL Users) have a right not to accept Spam. This is NOT
envelope steaming, this is looking at the address from who it was
sent from and then stopping the e-mail from going further.

        It is MY company's network, My company's storage system,
My company's connection, My company's money paid for all of this.
My company CAN choose who we want to use our services.

        Your attitude, "Welcome to the digital age. Here is 2000
pieces of Spam for you. Thanks for the use of your bandwidth and
storage." This is not right. It would be like someone going to
your house, walking in, going to you fridge, getting a drink, and
using your phone and watching your TV, without your permission.
Is this what you really want? This list is a group of people who
have wasted too many hours in trying to get people like you to
listen and please stop the spamming, but it takes a discussion /
Flame mail to do this. Why?

Mail is mail is mail in my opinion.
And what you do on a *private* server
is your own business. Once that server
opens for general public usage the
obligation is to simply deliver the
god-damned mail. Not snif or steam or
read the addresses to see if they are
kosher. We have our rights and freedoms
in a civil society. One day they will
be integrated into our laws and various
constitutions. Until then I guess
Public ISPs will continue to get away
with abuses.

In my opinion all this RBL nonsense is
vastly more destructive in the long
term than a few ad e-mails. You may
agree to disagree. That too is your
right. However you still may not block,
manipulate or deny any mail directed at
me. *UNLESS* I explicitly give you that
permission. Otherwise - buzz of boys.
You're treading on dangerous ground.

Bob Allisat

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I agree.

Switching nanog-post to moderated for a week wouldn't help solving this
message smurf ?

Rubens Kuhl Jr.