RE: DDOS anecdotes

[ On Saturday, June 23, 2001 at 20:04:06 (+0200), Mikael Abrahamsson wrote: ]

Subject: RE: DDOS anecdotes

This is a real problem. It’s not FUD. Microsofts choice to include full
IP stack capabilities will make the problem worse, but I do not blame
their IP stack for this like Mr Gibson does though.

No, their stack’s not the root of the problem – all the rest of their
OS is (and of course in particular the security model, or lack thereof).

FYI beware of service pack 2. It sets the DF bit so packets cannot fragment. Particularily offensive if your server is on the other side of a tunnel (due to the overhead). The solution is to reduce the MTU on the box. Or use a different OS :slight_smile:

Greg A. Woods

I thought this was standard behaviour of Microsoft OSes since at least
Win95. I know NT does this as standard, so does Win95 and 98. Win2k does
this standard out of the box (at least last time I checked).