RE: Country of Origin for Malicious Attacks

Outside of the U.S., I'll nominate France and the Pacific Rim countries.

My observations lately concur with that. .fr .cn .kr (and a sprinkling
of .nl) with .fr way in the lead here. :frowning:


We've also had a high amount of attacks from .de and .it.


Adam Debus
Linux Certified Professional, Linux Certified Administrator #447641
Network Administrator, ReachONE Internet


: I was wondering if folks had noticed any trends with malicious network
: attacks predominantly originating from any individual or group of
: countries. Any observations, comments or help would be greatly
: appreciated.

As I'm sure will be mentioned a few dozen times by the time this message gets to the list, "origin" isn't as simple as where the packets you see come from.

Malicious attacks can and do come from many places, people, groups, organizations -- utilizing any number of compromised systems, trojans, bots, proxies, truly malicious attacks can often be as difficult to trace as a Hollywood movie phone call, routing through a dozen systems in as many countries.

If people replying on this thread mean that they've actually tracked the true source of the malicious activity back to (.it|.cn|.ro|.ru|.fr|...) by working with network and system administrators then it might be useful to point that part out, as well as share how you found responsible contacts who verified your investigations and assisted for some of these (and many other) countries.