RE: Contact handles disappearing mysteriously from the whois database!

Oh -- We know. It is obviously NSI policy to keep their CUSTOMERS in the
dark about operational issues with a service for which we are paying $35/yr
per domain. Just like it is their policy to omit information from
information posted on their web site regarding financial information citing
"proprietary information" although this information is available via FOIA.

We appreciate the fact that Mark may be black-and-blue for weeks as a
result of his post to NANOG. We do NOT appreciate the cloak-and-dagger
tactics for which NSI is now world renowned. Lose a record here,
arbitrarily delete a domain here, remove telephone contact information from
the web site, redirect to and
delete/move/modify/FUBAR the information/templates/forms that have been in
the same location for YEARS citing "Improvements" as a reason -- ALL
without consulting the public OR the Government before doing so. I could
give a rats ass about how pretty their site is. Their cutesy little
graphics are a waste of bandwidth. Speaking of which, I'm surprised that
there wasn't any stink about them providing ad space to VeriSign on the old site. I want reliable -- dependable -- FAMILIAR service. You
would think these people had J. Edgar Hoover at the wheel.

Actually, there was a huge stink about the Verisign ad. However, it was at about the time there was a HUGE stink here, about off-topic postings. Guess what got lost?

As for as the rest of NSI screw-ups, go to one of the InterNIC lists. A number of us keep telling NSI that the vampire-shift janitorial staff are NOT system admins. They don't listen. The point is that I would charge most of the last years FUBARs off to incompetance, rather than Machiavellian mechanations. To do otherwise gives way more credit than is deserved.

Regardless of the reason the FUBARs happen, I have tried discussing some of
them with some of the people who supposedly can make decisions. Sometimes
the discussions are productive, but nothing ever seems to happen. Sometimes I
get yelled at for insinuating that NSI could possibly be less than perfect.

I am firmly convinced that the bottom line is that they don't listen. I've swapped mail with Chuck Gomes about it and he says it is not his department. He's in marketing support.