RE: Cogent/Level 3 depeering ("David Schwartz") writes:

  My point is simply that the "your customers are getting more out of
our network that our customers are" argument is bull. Your customers are
paying you to carry their traffic over your network.

whenever you think you have a reasonable design, you can concept-test it for
the internet by asking, "what if six million people did this?"

i suspect that absent peering requirements, there would be a lot of WAN ISO-L2
and on-net ISO-L3 sold, a lot more ASN's on the hoof, and a bit less stability
in the BGP core.

since most of the transit ISO-L3 providers are also in the on-net ISO-L3 or
WAN ISO-L2 (or both) business, the end result would be the same people
getting paid the same amounts by the same other people, but called something
else than what we call it now.

maybe this would be better than "my network is bigger!", "no it ain't!", etc?