RE: Class "B" forsale (fwd)

@ > Analogies are sometimes useful when trying to explain
@ > complex technical problems to a non-technical person.
@ So? This is *nanog*. Where are the non-technical people here?
@ The thread should be over on piara or something anyway.
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@ Shields, CrossLink.

Here is my new "standard answer"...
the executive summary is..this can be moved to "newdom"...


Some people spend a lot of time trying to
divide groups and partition the Internet to
prevent things from getting started. This
usually shows up in the form of comments
about some mailing list having a narrow
charter and postings being "off-topic".

The "newdom" list has evolved to a point
where it has a narrow charter in a broad
Industry. That narrow charter can be best
described to be a "write-only" archival place
where topics related to the Registry Industry
can be placed for safe, reliable storage and
future reference.

With such a narrow charter, "newdom"
becomes a low-traffic Usenet. People that
subscribe to "newdom" might find themselves
like a person trying to read all of the articles
flowing from a Usenet "feed". If you find
yourself in that situation, you might want to
find a list with a broader charter such as
the eDNS, IAHC or ARIN lists...

Also, people probably should not assume
that because "newdom" is used on a CC
that there is a active "newdom" group that
follows the thread. In many cases, "newdom"
is quietly doing the narrow job of archiving...
and it appears to do an excellent job of it...
It may not be fancy, but it is accurate...

Thanks to Richard Sexton for his reliable
service to "newdom"...the list for New
Directions in Oxygen
that narrow or broad...?