RE: Clarification re: Metcalfe in Forbes ASAP

From: Avi Freedman[]
Sent: Tuesday, August 13, 1996 2:09 PM

But anyway, Gilder does an enthusiastic job of refuting the


to-go-away-in-favor-of-usage-based-and-more-reliable-Intranets Metcalfe
hypothesis while simultaneously attempting to, um, arouse, the reader's
interest... To understand that last in-joke you'll have to read the


And in watching Avi respond to a network event, Gilder got to see that, in
addition to all the technological advances he highlights, it is *people*
who keep the net running and people who will prevent its collapse. He also
got to see that IP purists like Avi and alt.religion.atm apostles like me
can in fact find a common ground which works to the net's benefit.


And I think this is difficult for the media to understand surprisingly
enough. Maybe we should be talking to People magazine instead of InfoWorld
to get the message out.

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