RE: Cisco IOS Exploit Cover Up

...and Wired News is running this story:

"Cisco Security Hole a Whopper"



A bug discovered in an operating system that runs the majority of the world's computer networks would, if exploited, allow an attacker to bring down the nation's critical infrastructure, a computer security researcher said Wednesday against threat of a lawsuit.

Michael Lynn, a former research analyst with Internet Security Solutions, quit his job at ISS Tuesday morning before disclosing the flaw at Black Hat Briefings, a conference for computer security professionals held annually here.


- ferg

For what ot's worth, this story is running in the
popular trade press:

"Cisco nixes conference session on hacking IOS router code"

- ferg

and talk about closing the barn door after the horse has escaped!?? Haven't they just turned those 15 pages scanned as a pdf and distributed over a p2p file sharing system like bit torrent into likely one of the the most sought after documents on the planet?

How long before they show up there? If they aren't there already.