RE: Cisco HFR

This box is the HFR which, according to the San Jose Mercury,
is short for "Huge Fast Router". (Some reporter at the Merc
probably still believes in the tooth fairy.)

Same as the BFR, I heard a different interpretation of the word in the
middle :slight_smile:

As with many things, if you have to ask how much it costs
before deciding to order it, you can't afford it.

You don't get it, me thinks. For lots of people here, networks are not a
toy funded by the taxpayer's money, they're a tool to make money and
popular wisdom that I have found being practiced here says that indeed
you _do_ ask how much it costs before you buy it. I don't buy a million
bucks peace of equipment because it looks cool and I just got funding. I
buy a million bucks piece of equipment because I want ROI on it, and if
the ROI is 500k over 5 years I actually don't buy it.


Yeah, the state of CA sure hasn't purchased tens of millions of dollars
worth of stuff they don't need *cough*oracle*cough*. :slight_smile:

I think the point was, for people who actually need this router, price
isn't a factor. If you actually need it, there are no other options. And
if money is a primary consideration, this is not the router for you. The
secondary market is obviously where the value is...and I doubt these will
show up on ebay.


and I doubt these will show up on ebay.

Famous last words. :slight_smile:

The question is, does Cisco have a "relicensing" cost on their pricelist
for these? :wink: