RE: CIDR, Sprint and the Big guys.

@On Sat, 6 Apr 1996, Wolfgang Henke wrote:
@> As Robert Moskovitz pointed out, even the growth in common used backbones
@> speeds is not keeping up:
@> 1. 56 kbps
@> 2. 1.544 Mbps increase by 24
@> 3. 44.736 Mbps increase by 28
@> 4. 155.520 Mbps increase by merely 3
@> Just keeping in step with past growth patterns would require a step
@> to OC-24c at 1244.15 Mbps now, but there are no routers which come
@> even close to those speeds.
@Even backbones are not backbones anymore. Sprint, MCI et al. operate
@meshes with multiple internal paths. If you have an average of 8 alternate
@paths of OC3c, then you get closer to a 24x multiple of DS3. Of course
@it's not really that simple, but I don't think that things are as bad
@as they look in your table above.
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