RE: Choosing a Service/Hosting Provider

Our consulting practice spends a lot of time on this very issue. I'd rate
the top three things that our customers are looking for from SP's are as

- Customer Service - a single point of contact, pro-active network
management, and fast provisioning. Poor customer service, IMHO, is the
single biggest complaint I hear from our customers about their current
service providers

- Cost - especially considering market slow-downs

- Geographic Availability - being able to provide service where its needed
and when its needed, via a single point of contact if partnership
arrangements are required.

I'd also add financial stability as another concern. Companies are very
wary about putting their lifeblood onto a service provider's network when
that service provider isn't financially stable.


Well, one thing that was left out that the very important is the network

I am going to quote someone (not sure who): "good, fast, cheap (pick two)".


What is "network quality"?

Without listing the numerous things that could be including in a network's
quality, I will just state that different service providers have different
levels of 'network quality'.

The term, "you get what you pay for" might be able to be applied to this

Chris Kleban