RE: CCO/ issues.

The nsp-security list coordinates the interaction between ISPs and NSPs in
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on behalf of the nsp-security moderators

> As the bandwidth ramps up on the access side, this problem is only
> to become more and more prevalent (as if it's not already enough of a
> problem).While I don't think filtering is the silver bullet, it can
> certainly help at times.Ithink some of the larger watch sites (eg
> SANS, etc.) out there have the right idea - even though reactive in
> nature, almost real-time dissemination of attack vectors and trending
> methods goes a long way towards slowing down some of these attacks.
> Unfortunately, these single target attacks, such as attacks on Cisco,
> Ebay, Yahoo, etc. cannot be entirely thwarted if the attacker(s)
> determined enough.We could go down the client side discussion (you
> know, the one about certain software vendors, etc.) but that topic has
> already been covered in great length.

Hank Nussbacher