Re: Carrier Options in Bogota

You can connect directly to Bogota NAP and have all the local connectivity peering you require:

Just pay for your port, peer with all other members and you should be set.

Claro, Movistar, ETB, Tigo, Internaxa, Azteca, C&W etc.

Speaking of NAP Colombia, does anybody know why they are only listed at two datacenters in the Bogota metro according to PeeringDB? Doesn’t it make sense for them to be at Equinix BG1 as well for example, as that’s the facility listed on PeeringDB as having by far the largest amount of networks on-net in Colombia? I tried to mail NAP Colombia to ask about this at one point, but there was never any reply.

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I am located in the Spanish speaking Caribbean (DomRep) and it’s all the same across all Latin countries. Pick up a phone and call, don’t rely on emails. Even with companies that DO communicate by emails I frequently have to pick up a phone to follow up on email to actually get them to reply me, to the same email I had sent.