RE: Canada and IPv6 (& DNSSEC)

At .ca, we see a very low IPv6 adoption rate in .ca domains and slow progression rate. See last ~3 years trends at

Just as an indicator, we have 316 .ca domains with IPv6 glue records :frowning:

Part of the problem might be that two of the bigger registrars (Webnames and easyDNS) *still* can't handle input of IPv6 addresses in their management panels - you have to initiate a support request and have them enter the records manually. And neither ca do a zone transfer from an IPv6-only master.

I tried a little experiment a couple of months back. I set up a new domain, IPv6 only - not an A record in sight, including for the name servers. I then tried getting the name servers and glue records registered, first through Webnames, then through easyDNS. Both required manual intervention to set this up.

I then tried using their secondary DNS services to add them as additional slave servers. Neither of them is capable of providing secondary DNS to an IPv6-only domain. In both cases, they can only initiate an xfer against an IPv4 master.

Given the current state of affairs with the registrar infrastructure, it doesn't surprise me one bit those numbers are so low.