Re: Can somebody explain these ransomwear attacks?

How does one go about that in real life? You certainly want your servers patched with the latest security updates. For all intents and purposes there is just Windows and Linux. I suppose you could throw in some hardware diversity with ARM or MIPS.

Routers are definitely in better shape on that front as there are lots of choices and at least Cisco has tons of different BU's that compete with each other with different software and hardware.


I don't know. I'm trying to figure it out too.

I just know that the less diverse an ecosystem, the more vulnerable it
is to destruction. Heterogeneity (and change, by the way, i.e being a
moving target) mitigates against the risks of a monoculture.

Homogenous, centrally managed, massively networked systems bring many
benefits, but we are now seeing the sorts of weaknesses it brings, too.

Regards, K.