RE: California regulators ordered rolling blackouts

If you've every worked for a telco, you'd know all about "affiliate
transaction" and how PG&E can't touch that debt with anything other than
cash, from the other bucket. The CA PUC would squash them like a bug. The
real problem is CalISO management.

Even third world countries aren't as idiotic as California.

What are you talking about? We are a third world stae now.

Not only can we not have stable supplies of electricity delivered to
the citizens, we are now on the verge of having natural gas supplies
to the state shut off as well. That in turn means less in state
generation of electricity.

Let's see, we have:

- water delivery problems to So. Cal.
- electricity generation/supply problems
- natural gas supply problems
- we can't - without a doubt elect a president

what a sorry state we live in.

once every one stops laughing at us, we'll have to bomb 'em - just
to remind them how strong and superios we really are. Of course the
armed forces will love that, because they'll finally be able to go
somewhere that's heated!