RE: California PUC orders outage notification

From: Bora Akyol []
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2001 10:07 PM

I don't understand why they don't go to planned blackouts instead of
unplanned blackouts. This may actually drive the demand down
and price
with it. Plus maybe the population would decline with people
to South Dakota and all (for those of you that are not living
in the SF
Bay Area, S.D. has been advertising extensively on the radio
as a good
place to do business with ample energy).

The argument against such planned blackouts are, Crypts, Bloods, F-troop, et
al. (gangs/looters, for those whom aren't familiar) IOW, physical security.
Numerous blackouts have proven that social predators take advantage of
situations where no one can see them, the power is out, and the police are
otherwise occupied.

conversely, it gives everyone
(homeowners, police, private security, noc monkies, et al)
a chance to plan accordingly.

OTOH, if you go with unplanned blackouts..
its not that difficult for organized thieves to use diffused
lookouts communicating via radio/cell/pcs/sms with their buddies
who just drive in a few pickups/vans and scoop away the stuff
when the lights go out..