RE: C&W/PSI restore connectivity (peering?) Re: C&W Peering

In my opinion, the individual "peering coordinator" will have less and less
control over Peering over time. So it doesn't matter how constant or
flexible their views are. The outgoing costs considerations will begin to
dictate more than any other factor what the "company's" views are on

For example, working at a facilities based company would enable you to enjoy
certain luxuries that a non-facilities based company would not. Some ISP's
look at Peering and the costs associated with it (hardware and circuits) as
a cost of doing business, but the beancounters want to see direct revenue
tied to everything, of course.

When the "peering coordinator" can't show direct revenue from Peering,
whatever he or she thinks goes out the window, making their opinions or
views, irrelevant to their company. And this is the mistake that companies
will make. They don't realize the 3D effect of the economics, as any good
"peering coordinator" will and they will make "Peering" decisions only based
on the outgoing costs.