RE: Broken Internet? [OT]


Is it possible that our technical solutions are at least contributorially responsible for the economic slowdown? (Small businesses can’t get connected, so large numbers of high-money dotcoms get massive amounts of funding, but few of them can make any money, so their debts skyrocket, and the massive power shifts happen?)

Don’t mind me, I’m just pondering.


Any business needs:
1. to be able to change upstream providers without having to renumber.

  Why not just keep it easy to renumber. It's only hard to renumber if you
make it that way.

2. to be able to change access providers without having to suffer
multi-month down-times.

  If your company relies on your access, you need more than one provider. You
can easily dual number every server you have. That way, if you lose one
provider, change DNS a bit and use just the other. You can then renumber the
other side of the dual numbering at your leisure with a new ISP.

3. to be able to have its net-block(s) visible regardless of which ISPs
they are currently using.

  Design to renumber. If you need reliability, get two of everything. It's
really almost that simple.