RE: Boing Boing: Michael Lynn's controversial Cisco security presentat ion

Now the FBI is investigating Lynn for criminal wrongdoing?

Kim Zetter writes in Wired News this morning that:


The FBI is investigating a computer security researcher for criminal conduct after he revealed that critical systems supporting the internet and many networks have a serious software flaw that could allow someone to crash or take control of the routers.


The FBI declined to discuss the case.


- ferg

Remind me why I bother with information security when industry and the
government seems to want to ensure things can be pwn3d as easily as

If the "digital pearl harbor" does come to pass, this won't be remembered as
a shining hour for Cisco, ISS, Homeland Security (which is also in the mix),
or the FBI.

I hope the leadership at Cisco reflects on this incident and will utilize
different tactics the next time this happens. Similarly, I hope the
cybersecurity folks in our governments realize that, while a strong
relationship with vendors is essential, they must recognize that vendors
have different goals than they do.

The FBI raiding Lynn's house over a commercial dispute is too reminiscent of
Cryptonomicon for me.

- Dan

Perhaps more importantly, ISS should try to get it's act together and
realise they let a highly skilled and motivated researcher go over
political issues that should have never influenced a true security
driven company in their decision making.
How on earth are you gonna try to maintain the image of an independent
security company after a clear case of politics and behind-the-scenes
shennenigans like these...?