RE: Bird vs Quagga revisited (MP-BGP RR)

> Of those who have used Quagga or Bird, or anything else,
> would either of them be appropriate and/or well suited for
> use as an iBGP blackhole route server?

To expand the opinion set, how do Quagga, Bird, exaBGP, OpenBGPd hold up for
handling Multi-Protocol BGP Route Reflector duties in a BGP/MPLS environment
for a smaller ISP? Quagga's documentation indicates that is does handle the
requirements. Any one able to offer up real life experiences? Or is it
better to handle in a physical router? We being C based.


I am using BIRD as a RR between a busy VRF and our core and will not change it until the PPS are over what the box can pass :slight_smile:

EuroIX members were presented on a comparison of RR : ASR 1001 / 1002, Bird 1.3.6 / 1.3.7 / OpenBGPd - Quagga is not in the list as they do not use it , they migrated away from it after too many issues AFAICR.

They found that both cisco routers which are designed to be used as RR and BIRD were performing very well (even more when you look at what CPU is on those cisco routers).

The talk made at Euro-IX was under the password protected section but I found it on their site :

They presented their second testing at RIPE :