RE: BGP list of phishing sites?

Some are making this too hard.
Of the lists I know of they only blackhole KNOWN active attacking or
victim sites (bot controllers, know malware download locations etc) not
porn/kiddie porn/pr/choose-who-you-hate-sites ... clients (infected
are usually not included but could make it on the list given enough
It does mean giving up some control of your network which may not be
acceptable to some ISP's.
Its not much different then listening to an automated bogon feed. GCIA
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Brian Kernighan jokingly named it the Uniplexed Information and
Computing System (UNICS) as a pun on MULTICS.

Hi Donald,
the bogon feed is not supposed to be causing any form of disruption, the
purpose of a phishing bgp feed is to disrupt the IP address.. thats a major
difference and has a lot of implications.