RE: BGP Exploit

I have seen 3 pubic ally available tools that ALL work.
I have seen 2 privately tools that work.
A traffic generator can be configured to successfully tear down bgp

Given src/dst ip and ports :
I tested with a cross platform EBGP peering with md5 using several of
the tools I could not tear down the sessions.
I tested both Cisco and juniper BGP peering after code upgrades without
md5 I could not tear down the sessions. GCIA
pgpFingerPrint:9CE4 227B B9B3 601F B500 D076 43F1 0767 AF00 EDCC
kill -13 111.2

What would a Cisco log if the IP's for the BGP sessions were attacked & MD5
was in place ?
"No MD5 digest from <IP>", " Invalid MD5 digest from <IP>" or something else
So far, grepping through my logs all I see for "MD5" are the the times I set
for my BGP sessions.

Of more interest.. does the router die (cpu load) before you brute force the
sessions down