This ignores the fact that both companies have paying customers. If I am a
BBN access customer and I cannot get to any sites, then what good is BBN to
me? As an access provider, I built a access infrastructure and I get payed
by my customer for providing it to them (include in this cost is the price
to connect to content providers). If I am a Exodus customer and I pay for
hosting, Exodus is no good to me if it doesn't have any viewers. Exodus
built a hosting infrastructure, its customers pay for the right to use that
infrastructure(included in this cost is the price to connect to viewers). So
both companies need each other. Both companies get payed for providing a
service. Where is the problem? Why should BBN get a cut of what Exodus's
cutomers pay? BBN is trying to get payed to provide something it needs to
from Exodus. If BBN needs it, why would Exodus pay for it? Isn't BBN trying
to get payed twice?

If you are a BBN access customer, then you BUY TRANSIT FROM BBN. That's not
ignored below, that puts you in the category of people that should make noise.

Personally, I agree with your position.