RE: Backhoe season?

I heard, and am seeing that construction type jobs don't seem to be affected
much with the virus shutdown. I mean I see guys building homes and working
on roads all around me... furthermore, we've heard of a couple fiber cuts
that have brought portions of our network down a couple times in the last
week or so.

I suspect any reduction in backhoe activity will depend strongly on where you
are looking. The San Francisco Bay area, including Silicon Valley is taking
things seriously.

From the City of Menlo Park, Calif, March 20th:

   Due to the statewide stay-at-home order, effective Friday, March 20, no
   construction activity is allowed within the city of Menlo Park, except
   for essential infrastructure projects as determined by the City
   Manager/Emergency Services Director, until further notice. Active
   construction sites are instructed to secure their site and cease all
   further work immediately. Only activities necessary to address
   immediate health and safety concerns, as determined by the City
   Manager/Emergency Services Director, are allowed. This action is not
   taken lightly and is out of extreme concern for the health and safety
   of construction workers and city employees. Further guidance in light
   of this decision is expected to be released the week of March 23, 2020.
   Please visit the city website at for updates.

My expectation is that for countries that lockdown, stability will
increase. We are seeing pockets of that here in South Africa (lockdown)
and Kenya (night-time curfews, although I think a lockdown is coming soon).

On our side of the world, the WACS (West African Cable System) got cut
last Saturday morning off the UK coast (Highbridge), so that's not a
good look during a time when all need to be online. However, there is
backup and the repairs are scheduled to be completed this weekend,