RE: ATM failure - No the other kind of ATM

From: Patrick W. Gilmore []
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 3:17 PM

>As a small clarification, when you say IP, do you mean
over the public
>internet, or on a private IP network? I'm going to guess
the latter, but

I have never set up an ATM that used the Internet.

... and you probably never will either.

[looking fondly at the Wells Fargo listing on the trophy wall.]

As I told someone in private: I dunno. Some banks are pretty stupid. Technically, if previous posts are to be believed, we are already doing bank transfers in clear text e-mail to AOL accounts (i.e. "over the Internet").

And some sales people pour really good Kool Aid about their encryption products.

But let's hope not. :slight_smile: And certainly not at any bank *I* use. (Knowingly)