RE: ATM failure - No the other kind of ATM

From: Sean Donelan []
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 3:11 PM
Subject: ATM failure - No the other kind of ATM


Since there is very little "unique" network equipment in
the world now, just about everyone buys equipment from the
same vendors. So the question is, Can we learn anything from
Citibank's experience. Is there anything about their continuing
problems which may be used to improve general network reliability?

I tried to find out some information from Citibank's web site
about the issue, but I didn't see anything.


  [] In my experience, banking ATM networks tend to use pretty odd
equipment. Most ATM networks tend to be leased lines or use FRADs that
speak the teller machine lingo. Some banks use boxes that encapsulate the
protocol in TCP, so I guess that a failure there could be a big problem.