RE: AS11296 -- Hijacked?

From Wed Sep 29 13:59:15 2010
From: Justin Horstman <>
To: "'George Bonser'" <>, Heath Jones <>,
        "Ronald F. Guilmette" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2010 11:53:27 -0700
Subject: RE: AS11296 -- Hijacked?
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> From: George Bonser []
> Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 10:44 AM
> To: Heath Jones; Ronald F. Guilmette
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> Subject: RE: AS11296 -- Hijacked?
  Is the person reporting this
> a
> known network operator that people trust or is it some Joe Blow out of
> nowhere that nobody has heard of before? That would make a huge
> difference. =20

Going to his website....looks like Joe Blow...Googling his name/email/domai=
n, still nothing that would lead me to believe he is network Savvy. So comi=
ng from Joe Blow network Dude....he too is just Joe Blow. Just a little per=
spective for you from the bottom of the pile.

At least some of us -- who have been on the net for multiple decades --
know who the OP is.

He's kept a low profile for a number of years, but he was very active in
the early days of the anti-spam wars. Anyone actively involved in anti-spam
activities in the days when promiscuous mail relays were common, (and
Sun was still shipping 'sendmail 8.6.4') will likely recogize the name.
They may have to think for a while, due to the time involved, but he was
very well known in those days. 'Notorious' would be considered by some
to be an accurate description. Absolutely top-notch technical skills,
but a bit of a loose cannon in implementing things _he_ decided were 'for
the good of the community'. 'Active' techniques, not just passive ones.

*IF* he was accurate in his assessment, and it is my personal opinioin
that it is *highly*likely* that there _was_ some sort of 'funny business'
involved, whether or not his idenfitication was 100% accurate (and, based
on personal experience again, I regard it a probable that he was =entirely=
correct in his assessment), *THEN* the odds are quite good that one or more
of the parties ivolved is a subscriber to this list.

Considered in _that_ light, it would be simply 'stupid' -- which Ron is
_not_ -- to tip them off as to where they screwed up, and what gave them