RE: AS_PATH length and route selection (WAS: Strange BGP announcement)

So, would anyone care to discuss (from an operational POV) what removing
AS_PATH length from the BGP route selection algorithm will do to the

You determine your local policy based on the tools that you have. If
AS_PATH length were not in the algorithm by default, you could force it
in there (in Cisco IOS) using route maps and regexps. For example:

route-map MATCH_LONGER_THAN_5_ASPATH_HOPS permit 10
match as path 5
set local-preference 50
set local-preference 100
ip as-path access-list 5 permit ^[0-9]+\ [0-9]+\ [0-9]+\ [0-9]+\ [0-9]+_

This goes for any routing protocol, not just BGP.