@ On Sat, 29 Mar 1997 14:17:19 CST, Jim Fleming said:
@ > [4] If ARIN is such a great idea why don't the proposed founders
@ > quit their comfortable jobs, give up their benefits and
@ > U.S. Government funding and start ARIN ? That is what
@ > other people do when they want to start a business.
@ (a) Some of the proposed founders *WILL* be quitting their comfortable
@ jobs to go work at ARIN.

Who ?
When ?

Those questions were never answered ?

@ (b) "venture capital". Almost nobody (except for very small mom&pop
@ operations on the low end) starts a business totally on their own funds.
@ Why should this be any different?

Venture capitalists are going to look for a 10x return
in a 12 month period. ARIN proposes to be cost based
and non-profit. VCs might not be interested in that.

Again, why don't all the people that want to see ARIN
happen fund the thing and then ARIN can line up for
one /8 and if they make that work, they can get another.

Why does ARIN "assume" that the InterNIC's resources
are its resources ? Air Force pilots do not take their jets
with them when they leave the military.

Also, these concerns about ARIN helping to safeguard
against lawsuits brought against the InterNIC for domain
names are pure FUD. In fact, just the opposite situation
exists. I would be MORE concerned about ARIN getting
shut down by the DOJ or the IRS than about the InterNIC
being shut down because the InterNIC is the NSF + AT&T
+ NSI.

I think that I would trust that AT&T's lawyers, NSI's lawyers
and the NSF's lawyers could keep the InterNIC going much
longer than ARIN could withstand a challenge. Besides,
if ARIN is cost-based and the "members" pay the costs
then a loawsuit or charges brought against ARIN could
become very expensive for the members. Special fees or
taxes might be needed to keep ARIN solvent through a