RE: AOL mail netblocks

Ok then, is there a place where I can bath myself in AOL
dialup identified netblocks?

I'm not trying to start a spam discussion here on the Operations
list <g> just get some operational information.

Yes we do filter SMTP outbound from the dialup
base. You are correct that our users should not
have local mail servers. I can't speak to
whether we constantly filter or only filter when we
notice a problem. It's also possible that the
spammers somehow figure out how to get around
our filters from time to time.

The end users source address ranges are the
our IRR( under the route set
RS-ATDN-DAHA. The data is also in the RADB.

If there are specific questions please send
them off-list. I may ICMP-REDIRECT you to
our NOC though.