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> > > There are mechanisms in place that would detect this type of
> > > behavior. (Prebooking multiple flights for the same
> > Does a domestic flight require a passport or other form
of positive ID?
> > if not, they could book as many tickets as needed with a
different name per
> > ticket.
> Yes. Photo identification to get your tickets, period, the end.

Huh? You dont need any photo id to get tickets.
You need it to get on the plane.

That's true, you only need a working credit card.

They sure as hell wont give me my tickets without showing 2 forms of ID, I
fly out of FLL, PBI, MIA, and BDL.


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International or domestic? If you're flying international you have
to show photo ID + proof of citzenship (generally drivers license +
birth certificate), or passport.

  Domestically, you just have to show photo ID (in my experience, and
that's as a canadian showing canadian photo ID!)


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