RE: An informal survey... round II

Why should we announce tiny recycled blocks? If there is a /16 in the
swamp in which half the space is free but its all /24’s, why wouldn’t
wouldn’t we allocate all the free /24’s to a single entity and
instruct the entity to announce it as a “holey” /16? The existing /24
holders will override (punch holes in) the /16 for their /24’s.

And when they withdraw the more specific or you glop them together in
your fib in the name of agregation a 3rd party gets all their traffic?
I’m sure that will work really well.

Only the next hop. The game to play is “I want to dump traffic to a
neighboring AS who has more a chance of getting it to its relevant
destination.” Partial routes (eg, filtering on say a /24 boundary
with a default route) already sort of gives you that.

this idea has been flawed from the beginning:

  1. prefix length indicates neither network capacity nor volume of traffic

  2. most people prefer not to pay for traffic that is neither theirs nor a customer’s