RE: Alpha test of MAE filtering capability

If full filtering (i.e. everything disallowed) we in place as the default, and each
member had to provide a list of allowed points, and the members of the allowed
points had to agree before the filters were installed, the model would be very
similar to the ATM based NAPs. So far, the ATM based NAP's seem to work
fairly well. *JMO*

All in all I see this as a huge complication in the underlying structure of the
Mae's. I would be detrimental to the interconnects if ISP's used filtering
as a general practice. It is a great feature to have as a way to stop an
abuse that has been detected and maybe even as a punishment for abusive
ISP's, but lets leave out the extra layer of complication unless it really
adds something to the network

Scott Blandford
IBM Global Network

Chris A. Icide