RE: Allocation of IP Addresses

The UN is fine with me...

No matter what happens...the following can not continue...

  1. One person at the InterNIC playing Jesus Christ with the IP addresses...
  2. One person at IANA playing God the Father with IP addresses...
  3. Network Solutions, Inc. (and SAIC) competing against ISPs...
  4. Selected ISPs being given huge blocks of the address space...

There has to be a democratic process...of the people, for the people and by the people...

...not just for John, Paul, George and Ringo....even if John is the Pope...

Jim Fleming
Naperville, IL

P.S. Where has IANA documented the following allocation....???

   385 Ravendale Drive
   Mountain View, CA 94043

   Netname: ATHOME
   Netblock: -

      Mockapetris, Paul V. (PM1) pvm@HOME.NET
      415-944-7200 415-944-7221 (FAX) 415-944-8501

   Domain System inverse mapping provided by:


   Record last updated on 24-Jan-96.

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