re: AGIS Route Flaps Interrupting its Peering?

Depends on which report your talking about...there were two... one that
was digex internal and the one gordon sent around...

The digex internal one did have a number of flaws and many conclusions
that were plain false.

The one gordon sent around about having things unreachable inside
agis...well thats the time we were having lots of problems
with unstable prefixes from it turns out this may have been
a netedge problem with the agis side...(no fault of agis at all)

While agis keeps saying that we never contacted them about this
problem thats true...We dont get proactive with other providers that
have flapping problems..(and that at the time was all that our noc
thought it was)

Technical problem now fixed...things are back to relative
abnormal. Any problems with that Kent?


PS. Is it just me or does gordon remind you of fire marshal bill...."Hey
letme show ya something" POOF

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