RE: Agenda for next NANOG

From: Susan R. Harris[]
Sent: Friday, August 30, 1996 7:09 AM

Greetings - Here's what we've lined up so far for the Oct. 24-25 NANOG

  - vBNS Update
  - Future router requirements
  - Multihoming pros and cons
  - Economics of Internet resource allocation

I believe there would be significant interest in a debate on the relative
merits of Peering and Transit oriented connectivity strategies. The vast
majority of operators rely at least partially on transit arrangements with
'upstream' providers, with many hoping to eventually transition (npi) to a
robust set of peering relationships. There are many technical and business
issues surrounding this topic, which is evolving rapidly over time as the
NAP environment changes. A deep exploration of the issues involving
presenters from a variety of perspectives would benefit everyone,
regardless of their chosen Approach.