RE: [Activity logging & archiving tool]

If you are in a Cisco shop you might consider Secure ACS. We use ACS to
log all of our changes and have very good success with it.
Unfortunately it is not free.


I created _Cisco repository_ about 1 year ago, using Expect, cvs and CVSWEB,
for free, and since this, we did a few installation and are really happy
with it (we save all Cisco configs, including routers, 6509 switches, PIX-es
and this crazy VPN devices...). This is a simple tool, with the web
interface, allowing to save config (1 click and passphrase),
save many configs in 1 click, see change log, compare configs, send changes
to manager (I do not use it -:)) and so on.

It consists of:
- FreeBSD (which is main monitoring system - it is easierst system to
- Expect (port)
- standard FreeBSD tftpd in 'chroot IP' mode
- very simple web script
- webcvs (port)
- apache (I use part of snmpstat installation)

(I am thinking about getting all our staff together as some kind of
priofessional service or consulting, with all components _opensource_, and
using knowledge _how to get it all together_).