RE: Abstract of proposed Internet Draft for Best Current Practic e (please comment)

I actually see several problems with this:

1.) Near as I can tell, Emergent Structures are observed phenomena. They
are not tools for social engineering.
2.) You suggest pushing this at "appropriate bodies." Near as I know...
there is no such animal.
3.) You say in the header that you're looking for comments. Based on what
you write though you're not looking for comments. You're looking for
contributors. You lead right off saying "Interested parties are invited to
provide comments to correct, elaborate, or perfect my proposal, abstracted
below, which I plan to offer as an Internet Draft momentarily." Someone
commenting would be free to disagree. All of your statements begin with the
assumption that there can be no flaw in the basic premise.
4.) I agree with previous posters that the phrasing and structure come off
as zealotry.
5.) "Well-managed, ethical members of the internet industry already conduct
their businesses, successfully and profitably, according to the principles
specified in the Practice. The proposed Practice simply aims to raise the
entire industry to the level of today's best players." Do you honestly mean
to say that profitability is now a best common practice? Who are these
"best players?" Near as I can tell.. the largest companies playing in this
sector or none of these things. In fact I know of no company I'd say fit
your definition of "best players." I'm curious who you consider to be your
model for "best player."
6.) From what I know of enforcing our AUP, by many accounts the email
address you're using is on a well known "spam enabler" (your words) and many
would consider you a "spam supporter" for buying service from them. I don't
agree, but that seems to be the perception in NANAE.
7.) In my opinion this line of reasoning is dangerous. I believe it is the
slippery slope to the loss of freedom of speech and expression. There are
many groups that already desire to censor and control the free exchange of
ideas that the Internet makes possible.

There are many more problems I see. I don't have the answer, but in my
opinion this will serve only to alienate people who need to be involved in
the discussion.