RE: A proposal for reducing routes due to multihoming

Alexis Rosen wrote:

Bill Simpson claims that this idea is ~10 years old, but if so perhaps
it's time to air it again....

It's dead simple, really: Assign address blocks to pairs of providers.
Both providers announce those blocks all the time, and assign addresses
out of those blocks to customers who multihome between those two

That idea also assumes that providers exchange specifics within
shared blocks. Otherwise it won't work.

Doesn't sound like big savings... And is certainly a hell to manage.

I demonstrated some time ago that the lower boundary on the routing
table size given today's Internet topology is about 300 routes.
That was done by analyzing AS-paths -- i.e. the assumption was that
everything can be aggregated down to 1 route per AS.

The result generally indicates that 90% of routes can be eliminated by
renumbering and aggregation. The rest is simply too few to worry about.