RE: 69/8...this sucks

From EB Dreger

I suggest a rotation like so:

Jan-Apr: 69.w.w.0
Apr-Jul: 69.x.x.255
Jul-Oct: 70.y.y.0
Oct-Jan: 70.z.z.255

where the middle two octets are predetermined ahead of time.

IIRC, some RFC recommends updating the root zone cache monthly...
following this would ensure one had proper root/gTLD addresses.

The above also would break DNS for broken networks for a two
month stretch... long enough to flush out bad rules.


Okay, let's assume that we all agree to this..
Who are the players?
ARIN, gTLD Owners, and who else?
Let's get some emails fired off..
Who is going to ARIN in Memphis?
Jack? Dr Race? Volunteers to broach this?

Any gTLD owners on list?
Let's go for it..
I think this is a great Idea...

Maybe we need to look at applying this elsewhere!!!!