RE: 69/8...this sucks -- Centralizing filtering..


Oh, I agree that there are times when BGP is used in a single uplink
scenario, but it is not common. However, someone pointed me to
ip verify
unicast source reachable-via any which seems to be available
on some of the
cisco Service provider releases. It's an interesting concept
and I'm itching
to play with it. If you aren't in my routing table, then why
accept the IP


Well, If you don't access my address and I happen to be
a poor ole 69/8 or <FILL IN NEW NET BLOCK HERE>
then your customers may not be able to get to me...
But there are an aweful lot of ifs to this ^^^^^^^^^^.
And I don't remember that command syntax at all....

Yea, I want to test that too..
Maybe I can make a visit to the local Cisco office and borrow
some time in the Lab.... I want to see this is action, and how it
may affect my routing... or maybe I can get a quick answer from the local

Hey have you checked the Feature Navigator and seen which versions it
is in? Catch me off-list....