RE: - Please update your filters

In my original thread, I referred to the "orphaned" equipment in use in
many networks. I am sure it does not help when organizations have
massive layoffs and the people that put these filters in place or
originally managed the offending devices are no longer employed by the
organization in question.

As once told to me by a prior employer of mine (right before he
eliminated my job):

"After all, once the network is up and running, who needs all those
"extra" people to manage it?" :slight_smile:


Just a data point to add here. when you have tried the other means of
contact first, nanog has been helpful for getting things done. I had
started having issue with the 69 blocks back in September and when posting
for help all the networks had someone respond very quickly and it was
resolved. Again, its good to have this common operational area to work
these things out.