RE: 60 Hudson

This might explain why fiber net went out of business and sold to cogent??


FiberNet != FNSI.

Correct, this FiberNet is

If anyone was curious on how the story continued, this OC48 card that they
need is still, aparently, 10 days away from being delivered by Nortel. The
only thing I can figure at this point is that FiberNet is on credit hold
with Nortel or something. In 8 years of selling & RMA'ing hardware, I've
never heard of anything this mission critical taking 10 days, it's always
overnight. Either that, or FiberNet can't afford a new one, and is waiting
for one to pop up on ebay :slight_smile:

Go Go Gadget FiberNet!

If anyone needs anything in NYC, go with KeySpan Communications, they keep
spares in stock and my stuff with them hasn't gone down once in 4 years
(knock wood). :slight_smile: