RE: 2511 line break

Michel Py wrote:
Dumb Cisco/SSH question: how do you get a banner to
display _before_ the ssh user/pass prompts?

Christopher McCrory wrote:
On older IOS images with SSH protocol 1 , you can't
because the protocol does not support it. You need
SSH protocol 2. IIRC, only found in very newer
12.3.x releases. This doesn't help 12.0.xS :frowning:

That's what I feared, and the firewall feature is so broken in 12.3 that
it makes it unusable for the moment; I rolled back to 12.2(T) including
for lab, and 12.2(T) still uses SSH 1.5 :frowning:

Jul 27 08:48:02.805 PST: %SSH-5-ENABLED: SSH 1.5 has been enabled
cisco7507#sh ssh
Connection Version Encryption State Username
1 1.5 3DES Session started dude