RE: 240/4

Wow, that's pretty heavy… I understand and can appreciate the passion
involved with this topic. But Ladies and gentlemen, please lets keep it
civil ok… In some way, shape or form we are all in this together… Some
may be less informed then others, or perhaps a difference in opinion or
point of view as understood by the individual… Please when making
sarcastic/ or opinionated comments please consider all parties
involved… It in my impression this list is used for intelligent,
collaboration, not flame wars over a touchy topic… so please try to
keep that in mind. ok. I do like the facility this forum provides and
would like to keep it like that, it would be a sad day when people (key
resources) drop off this list due to the over-whelming feeling of being
(crapped on) because of the difference of vision or opinion… Pls. lets
try and keep it safe ok…
Apologies for the off topic comments, but I truly felt it is/was