Re: 202203090732.AYC Re: CC: s to Non List Members (was Re: 202203080924.AYC Re: Making Use of 240/4 NetBlock)

Mr. Chen:

Would you please stop changing the subject line with an added date stamp every time you post? It fouls threaded email readers and is most inconsiderate.

In addition, I respectfully encourage you to trim the recipients to just the mailnig list and the specific individual to whom you are sending a reply.

Bill Herrin

Alternatively, just use BCC. There is no reason for you to tell us who else you want to hear what you say. There’s nothing wrong with CCing, and nothing in the rules against it, but your recipients may not appreciate you distributing their email addresses on this list, to which they are not a member.

-mel beckman

Also, Mr. Chen, if your intent is to give your CC recipients copies of our discussions on this board, please note that I for one will be deleting any additional emails you CC. I do not want to disclose to others what I say on this list. If they want to find out, let them use the online archive, like every other non subscriber.

None of this has anything to bear on your proposal’s technical merits, for which I have no opinion.

-mel beckman

Dear Mel & Bill:

0) Thank you for your kind advice.

1) To be honest, I am a bit of lost with multiple comments about my eMail Header at the same time. Especially, some seem not in agreement with the other. Rather than opening up a discussion thread, such as "eMail Header Rules" that for sure will distract us from the real topic on the table, I have sent a request to Valerie Wittkop (Program Director) for a copy of the "official" rules for me to follow.


Abe (2022-03-09 23:13)