Re[2]: The in-your-face hijacking example, was: Re: Who is announcing bogons?


It’s pretty disheartening to see the way this situation was dealt with. To this day as I am writing this e-mail I have not received any phone calls or even e-mails on what was done wrong and how it should be handled. Everything was done behind our backs by the people that have the power to cause problems knowing that I will have no recourse. It takes a few seconds to place a phone call and give guidance on the situation. Especially by the likes of HE which we have given business to and continue to give business to.

Well I guess that there is no point in going on with this topic. Officially I am declaring surrender and victory to the people that have chosen to cause so much harm. Would like to thank all of you that have given support and e-mailed me with how to obtain correct allocation from ARIN. And the wheels are already in motion and will be completed next week.

Hopefully Atrivo and myself are not blacklisted in this group, since we caused nobody any harm. We did follow all the guidelines that Arin has put in place, but now it’s my understanding that due to our size only a direct allocation makes any sense.

Thanks and let’s all try to help each other and not go against each other. It will make our lives just that much easier!

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