RE: 192/8 survey (was Re: NANOG/IEPG/ISOC's current role)

@As most folks here already know, the basic problem with cleaning up
@the TWD, and by extension any chunk of IP space, is in two parts:
@1. Finding the people responsible
@2. "Social engineering" their behavior
@Regarding item 1, we're proceeding with the problem of cleaning up the
@contact information we do have. Regarding Item 2, I suspect some,
@perhaps many, providers would be willing and able to help with an
@educational effort in this area targeted towards their customers; such
@an effort needs materials and followup, but seems do-able.
@who still thinks (hopes?) social
@engineering doesn't require blunt instruments

As part of the educational effort you might want to add information about
  IPng (IPv6) as well as RFC 1918...this may help to give people hope...

  also, you might want to develop some incentive programs for turning
  in IP Addresses..."awards", press, etc...along this line I think that
  there should be some "peer pressure" approaches added to the process...

  do publicly held companies want to be exposed as "wasting" IP addresses..??
  this might be worse than "acid rain" or "water pollution"...